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How To Get Your Novel Published

Anyone who’s written a novel will tell you how much time and effort were required to finish it. It takes long hours of facing the blank page, perfecting those sentences, and getting the story right. But getting a novel published can be even harder than writing it! So it’s good to know that there are dependable ways to get your manuscript into the marketplace . . . and watch it become a success!

One of the first things you need to do is to figure out the genre in which you’re working. Is your novel a thriller? A mystery? A romance? A detective story? Just as there are different readers for different books, there are also different publishers. Look through the bookstores. Study the bestseller lists. See what category your novel falls into. Then search for a publisher who publishes your kind of book. You need to know what you’ve written before you can sell it!

The next thing to do is to find an agent. And not only an agent, but the right agent for you. Just as there are different publishers for different books, there are also different agents. Once you’ve identified your genre, start looking through the books of other writers of that genre. They’re sure to have a page of “acknowledgements” . . . and they’re sure to thank their agent on that page. Contact the agents of the writers you admire. Who knows? You may be their next client!

The key to success is getting your book read. So you need to meet other writers, as well as editors and publishers. You need to network. Start a reading group. Join a writers’ workshop. Send your book out to as many people as you can. It only takes one person to say “This is fantastic!” They might give it to their own editor or publisher. Or if they’re a publisher, they might publish it themselves!

There are secrets, of course, to getting it done. And fortunately we’ve got them.

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